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So I'm selling profile pictures for £0.50! If you want one but you cant buy one I am currently holding a giveaway. All you have to do is read this post:
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no one has bought any. If you want to store is here:
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LOL at the very last picture thats awesome
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Love Blockworks builds
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blockworks is insane
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Hey guys mini update here the votable team has just posted the rules to the UHC Season 2 page you can see them here
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You probably want to clarify that the "no stealing/stalking" is only for the first 20 mins (during the no PvP time).
replied to PhDPhil 2 points 23 hours ago
:) just fixed
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also probably worth defining what stealing and stalking are, as some players apparently don't know
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yeah good point
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if rules are broken a wither spawns on rule breakers correct :P
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I'm hyped
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Rules look great, but I find it surprising that Optifine Zoom is not allowed. That's the type of thing that a lot of people are really used to and might just use out of habit.
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To those who can't help it: change your key binding so that you don't hit it.
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Thanks for the solution @PhDPhil :)