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This Saturday:

#VotableUHC Season 2 Final

- Saturday: 2:30pm PST / 5:30 PST / 10:30 GMT / 7:30am (Sun) AEST
- charity livestream to benefit Maiti Nepal
- 9 servers competing for the trophy
- WoodWatches is sponsoring the prizes
- watch it live at http://www.twitch.tv/GoVotable

And...did you see it? as of this morning? New Votable UI, new features. Let us know what you think!
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so excited for the finals, btw bad ass picture :)
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haha just wait for it
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oh man, the yellow jersey holder broke his back, that really sucks for him :( hope he recovers
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The full video is here https://youtu.be/b0kXRutGsY8
1 point 26 minutes ago
i can image a pile of corpses of those who tried this stunt and failed
1 point 37 minutes ago
*looks around*....Nailed it!
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wow! how did he get so much air time off the bike
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I want an oculus even more now.
1 point 14 hours ago
i pooped myself alil just watching this gif
1 point 2 days ago
notice how he ditches the controller, come on man you gotta tap A to survive
1 point 2 days ago
what game is he playing? i have a hard enough time playing amnesia without the oculus cant image how scary it would be with it
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yess, diamonds!
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hey guys,

thanks to everybody for providing feedback, its been very helpful. The most common response was that the site was to cluttered so a good amount of work has been put into toning things down. we wanted to push out a early release so there may be a decent amount of bugs. feel free to submit any issues you come across to @bugreports , the most common ones will be worked out over the next two days.

the vision for votable is creating something awesome and unique where you can anonymously connect with people based on interests. we think sites like facebook restrict your personal freedom by binding you to your birth identity. While at votable you can be who you want, with freedom to express what you believe without worrying about privacy issues. anyways ho
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Also if you're hitting any problems, remember to do a hard refresh (command shift R on Mac, control F5 on PC) in your browser.
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Multiple views ftw!
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looks like there is a few things that need to be worked out but understandable, good direction imo
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liking the new version so far, seems like a dramatic improvement
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Build by YazurWolf
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Build is by JouwPF - sorry Edit Post feature is still being fixed so am adding this in via comment
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i love the double kick
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hahahaha well they call him batman for a reason