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by samdude444
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this is like a dream i had
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From the builder, FoxGaming: "I created the map and then went to town on it with the Rival Rebels mod with rocket launchers and what not."
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This is a little like Akira (anime)
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From the builder, lotsalote: "This was rendered in Blender using the Cycles render engine. Here's what it looks like in wireframe mode:

"The idea behind this was to show two generations of computer graphics in one picture.

Now how cool would it be if someone were to rebuild this entire scene inside of Minecraft, and then I could render that scene out again inside a new forest! Then the circle would've been complete, I can't possibly imagine what that would look like."
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Much more impressive once I realized the WHOLE scene was CGI. xD
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whoza, if only and maybe pair this with a VR like oculus rift
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hmm i kind of like the blocking graphics imagine building a world atom by atom :>
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mega man X nostalgia