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how adorable
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Can we replace the female thor in the comics with this little girl. She seems more fit for the job.
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i love this!
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that guy is kind of weak cant even pick up a plastic hammer?
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your comment is kind of weak downvote
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hmm what is a reverse necromancer?
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kind of lame how LoL depicts women, here try this level 5 armor where you are basically totally naked with max defense
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cool post you should also share this with the folks over at the LoL page
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this is unreal engine 4
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wtf when can i have this
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:O omg...
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omg, seriously that looks so real. We're so close to real life games. Think of this with the oculus rift?
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this can not come soon enough, i want this now
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that would be insane, just found these pics not sure if they are renders or the unreal engine can handle these graphics running
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what is the source on this? these are amazing
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*Throws money at screen*
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holla holla, dolla dolla bill yall
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you cat is built out of butter
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did you know there was recent a search to find the designer of this pattern? http://www.news-leader.com/story/news/local/ozarks/2015/06/17/internet-looking-designed-cup-springfield/28881969/
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OH MY GOD, I DIDN'T. Dude. Seriously. It was all over reddit a week ago.
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Nice reddit repost m8