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Make America Great Again
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If they're going to do fake shit they could at least put some more effort into it. I mean come on people! HAHA

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AtOdds 1 day ago


teamamerica17 2 days ago
brianbonner 2 days ago

What the heck?

Violetfire [mod] 1 day ago

Come on. Give them a break. David Brock of Media Matters is in the hospital. There are bound to be mistakes. He provides all the talking points and news for the day.

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Sheriff Arpaio handed over Dragnet database from NSA to Corsi that shows Trump AND everyone he contacted, including Alex Jones, was surveilled from 2003-2010.
This is amazing. Thank God for our Heros like Sheriff Arpaio!

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keithaBrownell 5 days ago

When people ask me 'why' I am a birther I tell them because Joe Arpaio says Barack Obama's birth certificate is a fake. This man has given his life to law enforcement and he is a true American hero.

LibertyLioness 5 days ago

Please repost this story and post on other sites. They are really trying to bury this information because Infowars and Drudge are the only 2 sites brave enough to reveal it. It's getting deleted as soon as it's posted on Facebook et al but if you have a Gab account or Seen.life or one of the other free speech sites, please post it there.

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If you're ever feeling down, or having a bad day, always remember this:

  • Donald Trump is President of the United States and his opponents can do nothing but cry & throw a tantrum and the media scream incoherently about "MUH RUSSIAN INVOLVEMENT"
  • Shia LeBouf, a multi-millionaire Hollywood celebrity, has been driven to insanity and looks like a homeless man because of a green cartoon frog
  • Amy Schumer is blaming the failure of her Netflix show on "alt-right trolls" on the internet, rather than the fact she is unfunny & rather hideous
  • That after months of insisting Trump paid no taxes, it is revealed Trump pays more taxes that most rich people & media organizations

    And remember above all, the Trump cannot be Stumped and those who do manage to stump him end up being twice as stumped in return.

    Hope you feel better! :)

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VOSGOS 5 days ago

and that guy who won't stand for the national anthem will not be picked up for another season by any team ever again ever!

Quaziphoto 6 days ago

Did anyone other than me try to watch that Schumer shit on Netflix? She thinks that if she can be vulgar and repulsive that it equals funny and sly? Her IQ must be two steps below whale dung. Amazingly bad.

Myne1001 4 days ago

I watched an episode of show "Inside Amy Schumer" she made several years ago. I only lightly chuckled at one joke. The rest was just "haha vaginas xD"

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VOSGOS 5 days ago

^^^ Good Stuff This ^^^ THANKS!

rektspec 5 days ago

Chinese in every country dominating in business, it's already happened!

Kween 3 days ago

What has truly pissed me off is Blacks, African Americans or whatever the politically correct statement of the season is have begged for a "country" (rightfully so, by the way)..but have missed the opportunity to use their participation to go into Africa--being used as pawns to fight someone else fight. THIS was definitely an opportunity that is diminishing. The Chinese have positioned well and pretty much have a lot wrapped up, now.

This is a symptom that happens in many instances across many groups (not always along ethnic lines)--not singling out Blacks as the only ones who refuse to use participation to do something meaningful that is wanted/desired


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