What is Votable?

Votable allows you to express yourself freely.

On Votable you can

1. Speak freely and share your opinion with others around censorship free discussion.

2. Reach large audiences of people who share an interest by posting content of your choosing.

3. Vote to decide which voice gains the greatest visibility within a given topic.

4. Become recognized and gain influence within your favorite communities.

5. Create your own community and bring people together for a common cause.

Why is this important?

The internet lacks a place where open censorship free discussion can occur between large groups of people. It is essential that freedom of speech is maintained, as this is an individual and constitutional right. With this it ensures power remains within the hands of the people, and that truth can rise.
Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter censor their users on a broad and general basis. What they label as content guidelines is in actuality them defending their own personal biases and agendas. There is a significant number of cases in which these companies have been observed pushing down or silencing voices which they define as disagreeable or against their business interests.

These companies also exhibit bias within their voting algorithms which ensures only the voices they support are heard. On Reddit for example if you are a democratic, cat loving, atheist generally you will have a platform to express yourself. But if you do not fit within this narrow spectrum your voice will be pushed down or even shadow banned. As an example of this you can only post to the politics community on Reddit if you are posting from a pre-approved source, and if your views fit within a pre-defined political agenda.

Additionally the way these systems are structured they end up leaning heavily one way. As a result they are not in actuality places which support free expression for all people. Votable aims to become a place of balance where everybody can contribute on even footing, and truly express themselves freely.

How is Votable different?

By personal choice on Votable you can post under an alias, your name, or anonymously. Soon to encourage greater freedom of expression we will have functionality allowing you to choose which one prefer on a per-community basis. We believe anonymous and alias based posting encourages more honest, open, and engaging conversations. Facebook bans anybody who posts under an alias, and on Reddit and Twitter you are forced to use the same alias across the entire site.
Votable offers a unique set of functionality not seen elsewhere. Users can publish without character restrictions or even publish customizable pages with a unique combination of photos, text, videos, and links. Votable embeds content from a variety of sources directly into the page promoting ease of use. Votable has a multi-tiered conversation system, unlike the flat commenting of most social sites.
Votable will stand up for your right to privacy, we do not track or store any personal information about you. No information related to your account will be sent to advertisers or other entities. Anonymous posts have no user information associated with them, and accounts that are requested to be deleted are fully removed.
Votable is completely free with no advertisements whatsoever. Currently we are self funded with the intention to rely on donations moving forward.
Other platforms rely on self validation based on pre-existing friendships, where your influence can only extend as far as your friend or follower count. On Votable our focus is on bringing people together based on common interests. Anybody can publish to a community, allowing equal opportunity to be heard. We believe connecting around interests leads to more authentic and engaging conversations.
Votable is censorship free, we offer tools which allow individuals to opt out of voices which they would prefer to stay away from. Admins will not interfere with communities and content so long as it does not violate US constitutional law. Community leaders are the ones who decide which general posting guidelines make sense for them.
Votable is rolling out functionality at a rapid pace working with community leaders instead of against them. We are moving into a direction of transparency and encryption across the board. Instead of becoming an echo chamber we encourage everybody to contribute, we are building functionality which enables each side of the story to present their best argument. This provides the equal opportunity for everybody to express themselves freely.