cedarnsage Make America Great Again
4 hours ago 114 views

This is interesting, wonder if this has anything to do with the deaths of those 2 investigators of Trey Gowdy who they just found dead!!!

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Spicy Shitposter
rektspec 29 minutes ago

I thought the dead summons givers were fake?

TangoMike 4 hours ago

"Breaking! Reporter to interview Clinton is missing"

Maybe we're just witnessing the first serial killer POTUS

cedarnsage Make America Great Again
22 hours ago 100 views

Well, I hate to dispute the airport cops hahaha..especially with the video that was taken...but what you think is minimal force is certainly different that what sane people would think, but then I guess that does explain some of these over the TOP things that have been happening of late...like a liberal bent, it would be minimal!!

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Interesting this: "Since the men seem to have been abducted and killed before reaching their destination, there is no physical evidence tying them to the Clintons." -- the article doesn't actually say where they were found, but it one doesn't think this is tied to the Clintons, then one doesn't know anything about them!!

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cedarnsage Make America Great Again
18 hours ago 102 views

Well, there better be a MAJOR lawsuit on this!!!

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twisty58 16 hours ago

What? This is awful!


I'm passionate about the fact that finally the world appears to be on a sane track, at least for a moment or two :) For too long we have let ourselves be led into some kind of "bizzaro world" (stole this from Superman comics) where right is wrong and evil is good!!! So looking forward to hearing from everyone out there!!!!
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