Let's make this viral!!

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cedarnsage All info on #PizzaGate
1 week ago 78 views

CRAP NEWS NETWORK at it again....make this viral!!!

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california does it again...it's now apparently OKAY to rape your sister, after you've drugged her....the reason he doesn't get a sentence is because of the STIGMA..really!! Where here's your STIGMA, make this VIRAL to ensure that EVERYONE KNOWS WHO THIS SEXUAL PREDATOR IS!!

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Violetfire [lead] 2 days ago

It's the judge we need call attention to. These judges need to be stoned.

cedarnsage All info on #PizzaGate
1 week ago 115 views

Note that Podesta the pedophile can threaten "suspected" leakers whether are not, we have any real basis for it!! Hmm, ok for them, Trump just fires them, these people do worse!!

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I'm passionate about the fact that finally the world appears to be on a sane track, at least for a moment or two :) For too long we have let ourselves be led into some kind of "bizzaro world" (stole this from Superman comics) where right is wrong and evil is good!!! So looking forward to hearing from everyone out there!!!!
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