cedarnsage All info on #PizzaGate
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Hmm...I wonder about this, it certainly would be nice if there was one world leader who actually gave a rats ass about the children!!!

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rektspec 14 hours ago

Good thinking, Batman!

pkokga 10 hours ago

shame on you; read the article! this misleading picture is a deliberate smear... 😡. and then for your own sake, learn something about HOW the moral christian country of Russia actually REALLY is, and stop repeating MSM memes...

rektspec * 9 hours ago

Er, it's not a smear when it is TRUTH. There is supposed to be a march now about PedoGate. Sometime ago there was an article how Russia was trying to work with ?T-Rex Rex Tillerson to stop Pedosta and the Clinton Crime family from doing worldwide child abuse and slavery.

And Russia is FAR more Christian now than US ever was since 50 years ago.

pkokga * 4 hours ago

we appear to be looking at the same coffee cup after all; my problem with the article was that the picture implied Putin himself was a pedophile to someone who didn't read the article; there's already so much misinformation about Putin suggested already w/o putting that on him, too... I'm as much a fan of Putin as I am of Trump!
I've been following what's been going on in Russia under Putin for the last eight years, envious of that great country's comeback socially, economically, morally, etc, and was planning on moving there if Hillary won...
When Trump came on the scene last year as a candidate I recognized him as literally a god-sent; our equivalent great and inspirational leader, and my prescience tells me that Putin, Trump, and Xi of China will come together to bring peace, prosperity, and morality to the whole world; the beginning of a new golden age... lot of metaphysics involved, you betcha'...

cedarnsage Make America Great Again
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cedarnsage All info on #PizzaGate
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Hmm, it's interesting that anyone would think that Walt Disney's goal was to ENTERTAIN children...a little research would show that he was part of the MK Ultra program in helping to develop it...using children in all manner of sexual exploitation was always the point of what he did!!

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cedarnsage All info on #PizzaGate
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SO exactly when will the NYPD grow and pair..and arrest them all??

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I'm passionate about the fact that finally the world appears to be on a sane track, at least for a moment or two :) For too long we have let ourselves be led into some kind of "bizzaro world" (stole this from Superman comics) where right is wrong and evil is good!!! So looking forward to hearing from everyone out there!!!!
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