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DeplorableRick 1 day ago

Signed, sealed, delivered!

northman 1 day ago 3rd place Apr 25

Every one needs to sign this.

TangoMike * 1 day ago

With all due, it gives a false impression. "Art of the possible" or no, falsehood is falsehood.

ISLAM ITSELF IS IHERENTLY TERRORISTIC, whether its professors are or not

The time for half measures is long past, if it ever was present that is.

TangoMike * 1 day ago

Or just cut the stuffings and call out Islam for its intrinsically terroristic methods that it must, in principle, resort to.

In crayon Islam = terrorism

hearthwench Funny
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Zoie 1 day ago

Oh o.o

hearthwench Politics
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DeplorableRick 22 hours ago

Dont make me stomp my feet and scream Religion of Peace again!... ;)

hearthwench Politics
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rektspec 1 day ago

This WILL happen but likely only in 1000 year reign of Jesus Christ on earth. What you didn't know about that? It's in Book of Psalms and throughout other books in Bible and you better get ready for it, it's coming SOON.


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