How to Votable

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1. Voting, posting, and commenting
2. How reputation works
3. Personal Profile
4. Creating your own community
5. Managing your community


Votable's name represents maintaining the individual right to free speech, and the equal opportunity to express yourself. This allows the truth to rise, and is accomplished by having all contributions being "Votable".
To vote simply click the up or down arrow on a contribution. A up vote, typically means you agree or appreciate somebodys contribution to the conversation. The highest voted posts and comments gain the greatest visibility within the conversation. Currently there are no restrictions towards how many contributions you can vote on.

Posting to Votable

To post click what type of content you would like to create or share.


Add a text based post to a community.


Blogs are a customizable page with a combination text, photos, links etc.


Share an external link related to the community.

*Special link types will automatically embed content.


Share a video from an external source.


Add a photo or gallery of images.

Select a community

If not already inside a community you can choose where to post to. Leaving this blank will make the post appear on your profile only, while picking a community will appear on your profile and in that community. Selecting a community is recommended as typically you will get more views.

Each community is its own unique entity and defines its own general posting guidelines. Communities are generously maintained by community leaders and moderators.

Special Link Types

When posting text votable will automatically embed the first link added, and try to get an image for the link aswell. With the link posting type votable will automatically embed the content for the following sources.

Editing your Post

At any point you can edit your post.

When editing your post it takes you to the blog tool which allows you to add images, videos, text or edit anything already on the post.

Edit post from Home or Community
Edit post from full post page


If you see any post you like and want to share with others on your profile simply click the repost button.

Cross Posting

Your post can appear in multiple communities by using the Cross post option. The current limit is two communities per post.

To Cross post click the arrow on the right top side of the post and select cross post.

Posting Tips

The most successful posts are typically blog posts because they can contain a variety of content. Here are a few tips for creating a post.


Space is limited, so describe what the post is about in simple terms.


The first image in your blog is the first thing people see. Choose an eye catching, unique and relevant picture to attract attention.


The best posts encourage community participation and or discussion. Can try phrase the title to ask people a question.


Commenting on popular posts often leads to more views then submitting a post. Top voted comments appear directly on the home/community page.

You can see how many comments each post has and jump directly into the full conversation by clicking the comment icon.

Commenting Tips

If you add a @ symbol to a community URLname, username, and or page it will create a link to that content. For example @politics , @about etc. The URLname is what appears in the browser bar when going to that location. So for example instead of "@Make America Great Again" it would be @thedonald.

One of the best ways to gain reputation is by commenting. Here are some tips to spark engaging and thoughtful discussion.


Use the reply button to respond to somebody's comment. If you see another comment that you strongly agree/disagree with, don't be afraid to tell them!

Add an image

You can add a image into a comment by pasting in any image URL directly into the comment. The image will be resized to fit into the comment, and you can also click the image to see the full sized original.

A good way to get any image URL is to right click on any image and select "Copy Image Location"

Open-Ended Questions

Ask questions that call for more than a "yes" or "no,". Give other members an opportunity to respond and make their own opinions heard and gets the conversation going.

Concrete Details

Mention something specific in your comment that others can relate to - For factual statements providing references is helpful for others to see the source of originating information.


Votable does not censor, instead its better for individuals to decide which voices they would prefer to stay away from. To ignore somebody's posts and comments visit @mute and enter a username. This can also be accessed from your homepage, or by visiting somebodys profile you would like to mute.


Reputation is a measurement of contributions and influence within a respective community. As you gain reputation your contributions become more visible, and its more likely you are recommended to follow within a topic.

Here are potential ways to boost reputation.

1. Post Blogs, Discussions or other community contributions.

Posting great content is a sure way to increase reputation. The more engaging your post is, the more your reputation will rise.

2. Commenting and Interacting with Other Members

Good communities thrive with interesting discussion and good interactions all around. Interacting with others is another great way to increase your reputation.

Other ways:

  • Answer questions and upvote the best answers
  • Share the most relevant and interesting content within the community
  • Vote in Polls *Coming Soon
  • Welcome new community members
  • Repost great content and share posts with friends


For most communities you can select a flair option to display whenever you post. To select a flair first visit a community for example @politics. Once inside the community click the "Edit Flair" button and select the icon you'd like. Always welcome to request flair's be added if you think of one you'd like, just send the moderators a message.


Community ranks display when commenting or posting, and represent increased permissions. We will be adding more ranks in time.

[v] = Votable Staff: Currently reserved for votable team.

[lead] = Community Leader: displays when the owner or leader of the community posts within that respective community.

[mod] = Moderator: displays when a moderator within the community posts.

To learn more about each position please jump to creating a community

Titles ( *Coming Soon )

Community leaders can assign titles to members in their community. Example of an title ( Staff , CoFounder , SupremeTacoMan ) whatever you want. These titles will display next to the person's name when they are commenting.

Personal Profile

Your profile is where your contributions appear. An exciting and unique profile helps you stand out. Here are some general tips.

Profile Image

Your profile picture is your face in the community. When editing your profile, you can choose a picture of yourself or an alias.

Cover Image

You can optionally add a cover or a background image in your profile.

Add Favorites *Coming Soon

Favorites let other people know what your interested in within different communities, for example for the music community you can post your favorite artists or songs.

Add a Introduction/Bio

Your bio is the place to share a brief information about yourself.

Links to your other websites

Optionally you can add personal links to your profile such as youtube, facebook, twitter, snapchat, and others. This allows people to discover your content on other sites.


The more followers you have the more your posts and comments will be seen. There is a button to follow people from both the profile and whenever you post.
Gaining followers is pretty simple post the most awesome comments and helpful posts within the community.

Profile Settings


You can choose between private and public profile. When selecting private your contributions are only visible inside the community.

Background Image

You can optionally add a background image that will appear on your profile and homepage.

Creating a community

Creating a community is a great way to bring people together for a common purpose. Before you create a community please visit Explore to ensure your community is unique.

Votable is about large groups of people coming together so sometimes it makes more sense to apply to lead an existing community instead of creating a new one.


Naming Your Community

Assign your community a name, and a URL name. A community name must be unique and not already exist. URL names can only contain letters, numbers and underscores.

Community Icon

Select an image that represents your community! We recommend using a square image otherwise the image will automatically resize to be a square. Any file size is fine by its recommended to use something over 200px by 200px.

Theme Color

Your Theme Color will appear in various places around your community, so select a shade that works well with your icon and other assets.

Cover Image

You can upload a cover for your community which will serve as a large sized banner. Its recommended using a cover over 900 pixels in width, and you can specify which height you would like depending on preference. Additionally you can select for your cover to appear on the top of the page or on the side.

Card Image

A card image represents your community in the browse or dashboard community view and is generally what people see when they first discover your community.

Additional Customization

After you create your community you will be able to customize your community more.

Set Guidelines

Setting community guidelines is a way to let know people expected posting behavior within your community.

Custom Modules

You can add different modules on the side of your page, currently we support a twitter timeline, and custom HTML.

Current Modules
Background Image

You can add a background image to display instead of a solid theme color.

Managing your community

After you create a community or become added as a leader/moderator you gain access to additional page functionality. This is available on the side navigation.

Mod Center

The activity panel shows all recent moderator activity. And allows you to respond to requests from the community.

Edit Settings

Adjust the community settings here. Settings has four different tabs Main Settings, Sections, Page Display and Flair

Main Settings Here you can adjust all the primary settings for your community such as description, community links , logo , privacy , guidelines.
Sections Here you can add sub pages which categorize posts within your community.
Page Display Adjust page color, theme, cover image and other display settings here.
Flair Flair is a way for users to select an icon to represent themselves within the community. Here you can add or edit community flair.

Allows you to see traffic statistics and measure community activity.

Manage Members

Allows you to ban users, promote members to become leaders, and add titles for existing community members.

Assigning Leaders

Great communities have a good amount of passionate leaders. We recommend having atleast six active leaders & moderators for each community.

You can assign and promote leaders by clicking the dashboard link in your communities navigation.

Currently there are two levels of ownership ( leaders, and moderators ) Promote the best people you can find depending on their qualifications.


Community leaders have full permissions to edit, and delete posts within that communtiy. They can ban users and edit community options and display settings. Additionally community leaders can directly submit feedback or request help from the votable staff.


Moderators are similar to leaders however they do not have delete permissions and can add or remove moderators.

Management Tips & Tricks

Encourage Activity

An active community is a healthy community. Posting regular interesting content and fostering discussions helps communitys grow. The more active the community is the higher up it shows when people are browsing which communities to join.

As a moderator some things that may help things thrive are

Feature Posts

To feature a click on the more options button on the post and select feature. Once the post is featured it will appear permantaly until replaced with newer featured posts. You can edit which appearance you would like for the feature box within community settings.

Sticky Posts
A sticky post is similar to a featured post, however when you make a post sticky it retains the full post image and comments at the top of the community.

Sticky & featuring tips

Try featuring and promoting sticky threads several times a week. Posts that are worthy are typically.
  • Blog posts which contain a significant contribution towards the community.
  • Contests, events, challenges.
  • Relevant or important news discussion threads ( such as a new patch , or important breaking news. )
  • The best of the best original submitted content

Comment on other users posts daily - give feedback, encouragement, suggestions, etc.

Discussion Posting

We recommended creating regular posts that invoke discussion and debate within your community. It could be something related to whats happening within the community or just a general discussion.

Schedule weekly threads, or plan Q/A threads

Sometimes its fun to have regular scheduled threads, for example "member of the week", or "thursday weekly overwatch discussion". Or you can invite influential people to answer community questions, and schedule a thread for this to happen.

Create challenges, events, and competitions

Community challeneges are a way to get people involved in an activity, for example in minecraft you can do a build competition in minecraft.

Growing your community

The most active communities gain the greatest visibility within votable which will encourage new members to join.

In addition we recommended sharing your community with like-minded people across the web who would benefit and contribute towards discussions.

Votable provides a couple tools to help grow your community.

Here you can invite your friends you've made on votable to join your community, you can also send email invitations.
Provides a variety of methods to promote your community on various social media platforms.