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Starbucks CEO to Step Down After Rash of Bad Decisions

The arrogance of a liberal Starbucks CEO has backfired on him. He has to step down from his high position.

Howard Schultz will be replaced as Starbucks CEO next month.

Schultz was in the news recently when he arrogantly said that Starbucks would hire 10,000 refugees in reaction to President Trump's first executive order on the temporary travel ban for nationals of seven Muslim-majority countries.

Many Americans were offended by Schultz's offer to refugees because many of them are not employed. They felt that Americans should have been a priority for jobs for a huge company like Starbucks. Trump has said that U.S.companies must give priority to Americans.

The Goldwater US - Starbucks CEO to Step Down After Rash of Bad Decisions

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cedarnsage 2 months ago Comment of the day Mar 20

Step down, do whatever, but NOT going to support this company ...ever again!!

hearthwench 2 months ago

If a coffee is so foul-tasting (and burnt during roasting) has to have sugars, milks and other flavorings to taste acceptable, why drink it in the first place? Besides, supporting a leftist corporation is off the table for me. LEt them go away.

Spicy Shitposter
rektspec * 2 months ago

Why do people slobber all over Starbucks? There are other brands which taste better. Is it coz Starbuck leadership pray to Moloch for success?

Violetfire [lead] 2 months ago

He will continue as executive chairman of the company so this is an attempt to get customers back. Don't fall for it.

caltrop 2 months ago


2 months ago


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