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Rebel1ne [lead]
4 days ago 738 views

This is crazy! Love you all!

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keithaBrownell [mod] 3 days ago

Love you back!

Broomfondle 2 days ago

Love ya front...

First post...special innit?

keithaBrownell [mod] 2 days ago


Wulfrun9 1 day ago

Well done!

DougieFresh 4 days ago

Right back atcha! It's a great site!

jetdrvr 4 days ago

And getting better daily.

Kween 3 days ago

That Love is is All we know of Love! :) Good Job!

CoolVideoBro 2 days ago

Back At You! Much Love!

brianbonner 4 days ago


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LibertyLioness 9 hours ago

NASA are the ones spraying the chemtrails. At least according to something I recently read.

Kween 9 hours ago

Slightly troublesome on a few levels--depending on which reality one chooses.

LibertyLioness * 9 hours ago

Additionally, the article I read said that he declined any funds for Earth. So, there you have it. Maybe that means no more chemtrails? It's unclear.

Kween 8 hours ago

There is that possibility. And if so, that means the chem-trails have already succeeded at their job. However...this makes me even more "suspect"

keithaBrownell [mod] 7 hours ago

We can see the moon we know we were there as for the 'chem-trails' I just don't buy it. That doesn't mean it's not true I have been wrong about sooooo many things but just like with the moon landing being a hoax, too many people have the ability to debunk both and if they were true too many people would have to have been (are) involved to have kept it a secret. Humans don't keep secrets well.

Kween * 6 hours ago

If your life is on the line,and that of your family-- you'd be surprised at the secrets that are kept. And no as far as the number of people that need to be involved - there is compartmentalization for that., ya don't need that many--per se. However, I'm not really arguing that point.

Chemtrails you don't have to buy...

LibertyLioness * 4 hours ago

I live with Chemtrails daily. It is not my imagination. I can see them. I can watch them go back and forth and back and forth all day painting the sky with white streams that blend together and block out the sun. Where I live they used to advertise 360 days a year of sunshine. That stopped about 3 years ago! Now, it's more like 60. If you don't buy it, you have not gone to YouTube or elsewhere to research it.

I didn't use to know if it was true either. I thought, no way, what the hell is that all about. And then I researched. And then I listened to others complain (especially those from Florida). And, then I saw them firsthand.

Now, they are killing the vegetation on the west coast (not where I live). I live in a rather remote area of north central Arkansas. A lot of retirees here because it is peaceful and there is hunting and lots of fishing. About 50,000 in the county but certainly no cities for 150 miles.

Chemtrails are part of "climate change." Climate change was never about "the climate is changing naturally." It is about how "they" are changing the climate. Climate weaponry started during the Viet Nam war. It's a way of waging war without the opponent knowing what is happening.

LibertyVibe 7 hours ago

Totally different perspective: Obama pretty much shut down NASA (as we knew it), so he could continue the program in secret. It allowed him to completely rob the NASA budget and use it for dark purposes, with little or no oversight or accountability. By re-opening the NASA program, it funnels that money back into the daylight. It brings the whole space exploration concept back into the hands of the legitimate government, and out of the hands of the Deep State. What Trump actually plans to do with it, I do not know. My guess would be Military. But it was very important to take the power out of the hands of the shadow govt.

Kween * 4 hours ago

I really don't mean to chuckle (and I did - but nicely) @LibertyVibe ..but did you just say that Trump had the potential to take the power out of the hands of the shadow govt.? hmmm...dang..I don't even know Which-a-way to go with that...Wow. I wonder how people give Obama--a man said not even to be born in the USA-- the credit to have usurped a system run by a hidden hand so much credit the that he fooled a deep state that is supposed to be so smart they didn't know he was not born in the US..c'mon. And, now Trump who is not supposed to be part of that system he is expected to move it into visibility? Trumps speech on inauguration day told what the ONLY solution is and that is in the power of the people.

Oh..and how do you take something away from a shadow? There's a neat trick. There are at least 33 degrees above the president of the US. The shadow government is so called because no one knows who it is. Presidents in general are bigger pawns than us. The shadow government has the capacity to use either side of the duality that divides the people..for the power is the people. Without realizing this divisive BS is nothing more than a distraction and people thinking that they suddenly know something we will continue to feed into the controlled opposition's narrative. That is history. Prepping. Guns and the like are NO match for what has been put into play already centuries ago. How far is the BIGGEST gun known to man gonna shoot and take care of biological warfare alone? Not to mention frequency and electromagnetic warfare.

SURE we ALL want to be in our groups. That is right and normal. Even Muhammad Ali said it is ridiculous that any one people should want to look like another or be another--each person wants their offspring to look like them. However, I assure you--without question that we can live together if not provoked and provoked we are - NOT of each other, but of the "powers that shouldn't be". Such a complete waste of time and energy on BOTH sides proving I am better than you.

Catherine Austin Fitts-- a good ole girl from deep in the heart of Tennessee with strong family ties and history and pedigree is much more articulate, knowledgeable (and has been on the inside, was spit out and harassed because she tried to simply follow the money) than I on the subject. I'd give her a good listen if you truly want to understand it from a mature level and not this young whippersnapper upstarts who are whet behind the ears and glean a little information just enough to stir up unnecessary vitriol that does nothing but make us angry.

NOTHING is stronger than the power of participation - NOTHING. There is NO winning for humanity as a species without it...NONE! Think about it this way...think like the deep state. Imagine if you were part of the deep state and were all powerful (earthly power of course) would you right now be joining with BLM, NS or others in the deep state?

LibertyVibe 4 hours ago

I see the world through an entirely different world view than you do. I do not believe that "man" and the power of the human spirit holds the key to overcoming the evils of this world. I still respect you and your right to voice your opinion. Therefore, I will not attempt to belittle or mock you in a disrespectful way. It is better to agree to disagree.

Kween 3 hours ago

@LibertyVibe Where does belittling or mocking come in at? I thought this was a discussion. Of course we have the right to our opinions. I didn't know we were discussing overcoming the evils of the world. I was discussing the deep state - and while one could say they are one in the same...I was only responding on a practical level and to your statement is all. Where belittle and mock comes from is beyond me.

I wont' be long-winded going forward. I'm presuming that if you're speaking from a scriptural perspective I misread the power bestowed at Creation--"image of God". I misunderstood free-will. I further misunderstood "greater things shall ye do"...

And perhaps I mis-articulated that I am speaking about government...and how we live our lives within it. I wasn't agreeing or disagreeing I was attempting to have a discussion. I don't belittle or mock..i don't even disagree--that would mean seeing it your way and saying your way is wrong. I simply have a different perspective. It's all good.

rektspec 2 hours ago

I just subbed onto darkjournalist. VEERRYYYY interesting. Though no time to see them till I get my taxes in order.

Kween 2 hours ago

I hope you enjoy and glean from these people. Very intelligent host & guests, yet very simply expressed so any of us can access the information no matter our level of understanding.

Sepley 9 hours ago

As long as the dollars are used to further space exploration I'm for it!

Kween * 9 hours ago

Therein lies the question... Space exploration? Earth is in space. I find it pretty suspect we're off conquering something else when we can't even get the plane we're on already in order/balanced. NOR do we have any real clue about what is going on in our oceans.

In theory, off-world civilization seems enticing intriguing possible and to many don't you find it pretty odd that if in fact it is-- that the general population knows nothing about it? Conclusion - you won't be going so in effect you're spending your tax dollars for someone else's potential security.

Given the choice, and since the earth has been here billions of years (according to the same scientists whom are exploring space)--I'd rather them put some money that explores how to balance this planet and it's inhabitants. If they can't do that..I fear I would feel pretty foolish to trust them to go into never ever sphere and not expect them to "tear it up" .

keithaBrownell [mod] 7 hours ago

Add to the list of wasted money Cern (European Organization for Nuclear Research) What goes on there? Too much money on too many things that won't help people in Africa have safe and reliable water.

rektspec 6 hours ago

CERN is the most important of the wasted money programs coz they want to open up a portal to their masters, the Demons.

Kween 6 hours ago

Help people in Africa...this is what I'm saying. We want to explore space vs implementing solutions that already exist. It's a crock! Africa..pfft..what about here. It's a crock I tell ya.

rektspec 6 hours ago

SPACE exploration means profiteering ie, get the minerals off other planets/asteroids before the pesky Russians or Chinese do!

LibertyLioness 3 hours ago

Now that sounds more like the truth of it.

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LibertyLioness 8 hours ago

Woo Hoooooo! Would like to know who the 44 are! VOTE THEM OUT!

keithaBrownell 7 hours ago

That's why they should always take a formal vote, so we can see it. Seems crazy that we should need a law forbidding something that should never have been entertained. Kind of deceptive of Conservative Daily Post to show a photo of Congress in Washington and really this was the Montana House.

Violetfire [mod] 6 hours ago

I think this passed in Montana. Not in Congress.

DougieFresh Politics
16 hours ago 219 views

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Reziac 13 hours ago

I have mixed feelings about this. We don't really know if Comey is a weasel, is compromised, or is hamstrung by an infiltrated department and is doing the best he can. Didn't Trump meet with him recently? I'm sure this all came up and he's in a much better position to know than we are.

Ruewen 12 hours ago

Wouldnt it be smart on the side of caution to remove it regardless?

rektspec * 12 hours ago

Comey is sullied, from his time in Clinton Foundation. It's almost like he still cannot let go of the Cultural Marxism Saul Alinsky indoctrination he had when he was hanging out with the Clintons.

LibertyLioness 11 hours ago

He just lied to Congress the other day. We have proof. Why would we give him another chance? Especially, since we are certain he also had plenty of evidence to put Clinton away.

keithaBrownell [mod] 10 hours ago

He and his brother have ties to the Clintons' that go way back and involve $$$$, he needs to go.

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