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Violetfire [mod]
12 minutes ago

Counting down. Won't be long now.

The mass shooting at an Istanbul nightclub has been described as a false flag by Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus, adding that it was carried out by members of an intelligence organization.

“It appears the Reina attack is not just a terrorist organization’s act, but there was also an intelligence organization involved. It was an extremely planned and organized act,” Kurtulmus said during an interview with A Haber.

A report by stated that the Islamic State claimed to responsible for the attack which claimed 39 people, adding that Turkish Military involvement in Syria was the main cause as to why the attack was conducted as a revenge. Adding that this was the very first time that the terror group claimed responsibility of a major attack in Turkey despite being blamed for several calamities. The Turkish government has arrested two Chinese nationals in connection with the shooting.

The two suspect...

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Gab Users are taking a stand against Facebook and Twitter due to the unfair practices of banning and suspending accounts merely for either mentioning #pizzagate or being a #Trump supporter. They are deleting their accounts on January 20, 2017. If you'd like to join in then begin deleting accounts at 12:01 on inauguration day. Tell your family & friends about alternative Social Media. Votable replaces Facebook and Reddit & Gab replaces Twitter.

Remember. Trump is being sworn in on his 70th year 7 Months 7 Days old.
Vive LA America!!

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3 hours ago

I didn't know that about the 777. Cool!

Violetfire [mod]
5 hours ago

Isn't life fun? And Trump makes it even more interesting.

5 hours ago

excellent, and the dates too 7 , 7 , 7 and the lucky winner is america, freedom, and free speech

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