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Kween Make America Great Again
36 minutes ago 23 views

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TheGoldwater Make America Great Again
50 minutes ago 20 views

Shortly after President Donald Trump criticized Sweden due to its situation regarding immigrants, violent riots broke out in the Scandinavian country. According to police reports, these riots originated in Rinkeby, a borough in Sweden that’s highly inhabited by immigrants.

Known as a problem area for Sweden, Rinkeby holds a large concentration of refugees from various countries. It is also very common for riots to break out in this area.

On Monday, another riot in Rinkeby occurred after groups of people began throwing stones at police officers in the area’s subway station. The incident quickly escalated after rioters burned down the parked cars in the area. This then prompted police officers to fire warning shots at the rioters, who many are believed to be members of youth gangs in Rinkeby, according to Zero Hedge.

The recent riot in Sweden is being attributed to the country’s growing immigration crisis, which began after the...

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Kween Make America Great Again
2 hours ago 90 views

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Violetfire [mod] 1 hour ago

HA. Great survey. I got in Gab and Votable for News and MSM is nothing but bad opinions. Listed only Alt news sites. Felt good

Dave Make America Great Again
4 hours ago 152 views

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LibertyLioness 53 minutes ago

This new Islam is not a religion, it is a cult. We need to ban them all. We simply have no way to tell the difference!

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