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I'm not the first to notice this but the admins of the site have gone completely silent and It's beginning to breed rumors of trouble behind the scenes at Votable Inc. I don't want to push rumors too hard, Votable is a small company and has limited resources (and the site appears to be functional.) That being said I wan't to assure our members there is a contingency plan being put together to migrate our community to a more solid social media platform which I myself will be running (yes I'm considering starting my own social network.)

My biggest reason for coming here was the lack of a plan for if the community was deleted. "We will just go to Twitter" IS NOT A PLAN. If things go down hill trust that we will not be worse off but we will become more free and more stable.

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Kween 3 hours ago

"become more free and more stable" - Out of curiosity, what does "more free" mean in this statement?

mwill 3 hours ago is where nothing is banned or censored. You can speak freely there and there is more good up to date info on many subjects not just politics. Musicians,writers, web developers,and lot's of very talented people from all walks of life eager to engage in honest and open discussion on any subject is more than a bastion of FreeSpeech. It is a haven for sanity, a place to breathe freely. A place to ask questions and to question answers - unafraid. A place of friendships and the birth place of GabLove. It is a new home for the spirit of Liberty - for the GabFam.

The observer has to be able to distinguish fact from you want to be

Spicy Shitposter
rektspec 3 hours ago is more a short messaging/Twitter replacement system. Soon they will have a video upload service. For news aggregation (like Reddit) Voteable has potential if bugs are ironed out.

Spicy Shitposter
rektspec 5 hours ago It's free, open source and great GUI all ready to go. Plus you could alter the code as you see fit. Looks good for News aggregation ala Reddit.

Rebel1ne [lead] 5 hours ago

The one I've been considering is a bit more established (existed for over a decade.) While not open source, We do get code injection access which can give us a lot of flexibility (I'm a decent web developer.)

Spicy Shitposter
rektspec * 5 hours ago

What prog lang is this software based on? You could also kludge together wordpress bits and pieces to get a decent site (I've done that before)

Rebel1ne [lead] 4 hours ago

Likely Ruby on rails or Java.

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I've noticed there seems to be a wall growing and not between the US and mexico like I want but between Trump and the people. A wall of confusion and silence. We weaponized autism to put Trump into position now we must employ FULL AUTISM SPECTRUM WARFARE!

I'm looking for the funniest, most artistically talented, well informed and self motivated meme farmers among our community to concider enlisting in @kekwork. Together we can start the Meme Surge and clear a path for our POTUS to implement our agenda and finally Make America Great Again!

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Aphoticamy 22 hours ago

I love The_Donald and would like to see here the shitposting and camaraderie we have there :)

Rebel1ne [lead] 15 hours ago

Right now i'm the only artist but we have a shell built up and i added it to my recruiting Twitter accounts so it's starting to get traffic. Sign up at @kekwork if you have some funny ideas throw them out I'll make some custom memes for free. Meme magic is real folks!

WerePuppy 22 hours ago

Count me in :P

Violetfire [lead] 1 day ago

Great Idea. I'm tired of all the negativity. I'd love to see great & funny Meme's. I go over to the_donald on Reddit daily because they are upbeat & funny. We need some of that energy here as well.

Rebel1ne [lead] 1 day ago

I'm going to be creating a strategy to begin operations shortly.

cedarnsage Make America Great Again
4 hours ago 115 views

This is interesting, wonder if this has anything to do with the deaths of those 2 investigators of Trey Gowdy who they just found dead!!!

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Spicy Shitposter
rektspec 31 minutes ago

I thought the dead summons givers were fake?

TangoMike 4 hours ago

"Breaking! Reporter to interview Clinton is missing"

Maybe we're just witnessing the first serial killer POTUS

Make America Great Again
17 hours ago 380 views

Everything was manipulated under Obama, worst president ever.

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Kween 14 hours ago

Oh come on people, I long posted the real birth certificate here long ago. Pelezze. BUT for those that missed it is!

TangoMike 14 hours ago


TangoMike 17 hours ago

So, it's a settled question that he was born in the USA?

LibertyLioness 16 hours ago

Hell no! We still haven't found his real birth certificate! Some people think he was born in the US. Some people think his real father is Frank Marshall Davis who was a Commie and who Barrack spent a LOT of time with when he was young. That's the most logical answer but I think there is a real birth certificate somewhere. Possibly under a completely different name than we've heard before. And, I still don't know why he went from Barry Soetoro to Barrack Obama or vice versa. Somethin fishy there too!

Spicy Shitposter
rektspec 16 hours ago

Didn't the best Obama (Malik) post Hussein's REAL BC online some time ago?

TangoMike 16 hours ago

Right, so pieces based on that assumption are of that narrative, and so should be automatically suspect.

teamamerica17 16 hours ago

His brother says Kenya.

TangoMike 15 hours ago

Reason, warrant, evidence, and Criteriology "says" that there is grave positve doubt to the point that he couldn't have been considered such regardless unless said doubt was resolved in favor of his status.

It wasn't. He wasn't. Yet another symptom that this is all more dog and pony.

LibertyLioness * 14 hours ago

I had seen that version of his birth certificate long before it re-surfaced after Trump was elected. That was just old news with a new twist.

Reziac 14 hours ago

Malik is associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. Much as he seems like a nice dude, this makes everything he does or says suspect.

Kween 13 hours ago

The deal on the birth is this: If the hidden hand didn't want him there he wouldn't have been there. They know how many fillings you got in your teeth and how much mercury is in the fillings (if you haven't had them removed). If you have had them removed (and you really may want to consider that) - they know where the remains lie.

The birth thing--if in fact there is a "birth thing" - will never come out - unless they want it to. It will only be revealed if they have a reason to use it for anything to their advantage. Other than for sheer entertainment it's time for us to move on from this. We don't know what's in our food--pretty much even if we grow it in our own gardens... surely we don't know where is his true birth place is. Could have been a test tube. The best rumor to me is the one that has little explored - forgot where I heard it but it was as good of entertainment as any - ESPECIALLY because the Poppy Bush tie-in. Now you look at these pics and tell me it ain't possible that this is his brother.

The rumor went something like this. If you're going to have conspiracy theory (sometimes they are more fun than conspiracy fact which is where I prefer to travel --if at all...)it should be gooood. OK, here goes.

Poppy Bush got his name well.. his tenaciousness and closeness with "the poppy plant" and how to use it to abuse human kind. Anyway...apparently the close ties and relationship sprouted and so did BHO in the belly of someone in Thailand--the possible "love child" of the King - (this part of the story is vague to me and the attorney who brought it forth, I can't find,--nor is it that important for me to do--although it was quite an intriguing provocative video.) for purposes such as we had the past 8 years. far as resemblances go...hey--it's as good as any other....and the ties we've had have been remarkable to say the least. The video I saw had as much circumstantial evidence as anything I've seen..if the truth be told. And we know TRUTH is often stranger than fiction.

Anyway..if you read this far.....

mmccreedy 6 hours ago

Why am I not suprised?

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