Aynswer [mod] Make America Great Again
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There was a low energy suicidal comment that was not pede like and my calling it out resulted in a ban. Wtf is this pc world coming to?

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Aynswer [mod] Make America Great Again
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I started an IG page dedicated to you fantastic pedes! Always surfacing dank content. Thank you!

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Aynswer [mod] Make America Great Again
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I thought I'd repost this from reddit. I like many others was triggered the other day from the Chicago incident. I have since been trying to chill people out once I realized this was likely psy ops.

Here is my comment:
"I was looking at Daily Mail comments today right after the news broke of the FL shooting. These were fresh ass comments and CTR/CIA shitheads didn't have a chance to inflict their venom yet.

This is what I noticed. Anything that was Pro Trump was upvoted 3:1. Anything that was Pro Obama or Anti Trump was downvoted by 80%.

This is Yuuuuge. It shows us what real sentiment is like. The false narrative on the tv is just that...completely and utterly false. The globalists know this and fear this greatly. That is why it's so important to stand behind Trump and make sure he makes it into office. The last thing we need is a riot when we've only got 2 weeks to go until Obama is OUT OUT OUT. They would love a riot...

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Rebel1ne [lead] 3 years ago

I don't know. I lived in Missouri for a period of time not far from Ferguson. I've met plenty of people like those kids. The fact they wanted to cover it up so badly makes me think it's real. in that case it would be more convenient to put out videos bringing it into question as a hoax, that way you ignore it. Honestly Who knows but I've known people like them so, it seems within the realm of possibilities.

Aynswer [mod] Make America Great Again
3 years ago 182 views

Let Freedom Ring!!

We are making history!!

Our movement begins tomorrow (I'm West Coast)

I am so happy. Pray for our people and our President. God bless!

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