Colesy Videography
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I've started offering Editing to other channels, can be anything from regular episodes to monthly/weekly "best ofs". Price will depend on your personal needs. Message me or dm me on twitter @colesygaming to discuss further :)

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Colesy Funny
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nkiyoshi 3 years ago

I wouldn´t exactly call that "GONE WRONG"...

Colesy 3 years ago

No it wasn't so much "Gone Wrong" but it didnt go as expected lets say XD

Zoie 3 years ago

Awe, how cute! :) Thank you for sharing!

Colesy [mod] Gaming
3 years ago 674 views

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Colesy [mod] 3 years ago

*Sorry misspelled, I mean Ghost Recon Wildlands XD not windlands

Colesy Youtubers
3 years ago 97 views

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Hey, Colesy here. I'm a YouTuber & Family Man, trying to juggle both lives simultaneously :D it's not always easy!
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