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EC Productions is a creative building server with a focus on creating a beautiful, "functional" world for a series of Minecraft animations.

But we need builders! A lot of out work has been on hold lately because of school or work etc. Others have just moved on.

But the server continues. We need cities, towns, camps, roads, ships, trains, everything!

We have a completely custom world now! 10k x 10k built by WarriorGames. This is a beautiful environment to work in. Our writing team is hard at work setting up lore for the build team to follow for the building styles.

Medieval Fantasy is the name of the game.

If you are interested, either pm me directly or join our discord server: https://discord.gg/dzbZpAY

Hop in our Applicant chat and tell me a bit about yourself, show me some work, and we'll see about getting you into our plot world...

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Hello everyone! ElysianCastaic here. How's everyone doing? I'm doing pretty good. I'm here on votable to help with my YouTube channel and meet all the awesome people here in the community! Don't be shy peeps! Lets talk, have fun, and build friendships that are stronger than bedrock! I'm still fairly new to Minecraft, only been a full player for a few months now but I'm learning fast! I know quite a bit about editing videos and such. Pixel-art seems to come easily to me when I have a reference. I'm pretty color oriented. My server, CrimsonCraft, is looking for members! Want a new world to bui...
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