If you are not already aware of what "Discord" is, it's a program similar to skype in the sense that you can be connected with 2 or more people and can all be in a voice chat. But it's different as it was designed by "gamers". What do you guys think in the idea of having a group like that in which we can all collaborate and share information at the press of a button!

Discord: http://www.discordapp.com

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JustAboveAverage [mod] 4 years ago

Sorry for the minimal description and detailing of Discord, it was 2:36 AM and I had to get up at 7. I was pretty darn tired xD

asterious [lead] 4 years ago

Totally understand. But sleep is important!

asterious [lead] 4 years ago

That's what Votable is for:)

NikolajTheGuy [mod] 4 years ago

True but we have Votable for sharing info xD

If their was a batch program to narrow down your choice in a laptop/desktop until it finds the perfect one for you, suitable price range, specific to what you're looking for (Gaming, Personal, Professional, etc.) Do you think it would be worth making?

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Hello, my name is JustAboveAverage and this is the programming community. I have decided to make a game, but as everyone knows, one person can not make a great game. It's a team as a whole. Below here will be a list of fields that are still applicable. If you have a question comment down below. If you would like to join PM me with the PM Format below the available fields.

1.) C# Programmer
2.) GFX Designer
3.) 3D Modeler
4.) Javascript Programmer
5.) Marketing Expert
6.) Advertising Expert
7.) Web Design Programmer (HTML, CSS, PHP)

[Name] [Date]
[Applying Field]

[Why Are You Interested In Helping?]

[How Will You Be Able To Help?]

[Any Great Qualities About You That We Should Know?]

Anyway hop...

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I currently have my C# Code in Unity have it so I can move my character Vertically and Horizontal. But a problem I come across is that if I were to move my mouse, my character wouldn't follow the cursor (btw this is a FPS Game (Although its not really a first person SHOOTER, more along the line of first person Survival)) Anyway my code is listed below for my movement.

public CharacterController myCharacter;
public float Speed = 3f;

Vector3 myVector = new Vector3(0, 0, 0);

myVector.x = Input.Axis("Horizontal");
myVector.y = Input.Axis("Vertical");

myVector = myVector * Speed;


Another problem I have is that I am making a 3D 2-Dimensionalish game. My code works and all but when I move the arrow keys, in order to go forward I have to hit the down arrow key. Here is my code for it (The code is similar but still different from the one on top).

public CharacterContro...

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mearrin69 4 years ago

It has been a while since I used Unity and I'm not 100% I understand your question but if you want to incorporate the mouse I'd think you want to 1) find out the mouse screen coords, 2) transform those to world space (use ray casting and intersection to find the point?) 3) rotate your player entity to face.

It looks like you're just moving your player entity along a vector, but you don't change its facing. If you change the facing you can then just translate (relative) it along a vector facing where the mouse is pointing.

Not sure if this will help you at all.

If you're still having trouble I suggest digging in the assets for 2D/3D and taking a look a the character controller scripts provided with Unity...actually, unless you want to do it yourself, they make pretty good starting points for building your own.


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