Mihro_ [lead] Minecraft Interesting
3 years ago 272 views

From the creator of the hit videos Acid Interstate 1, 2 & 3, comes their next amazing musical visual adventure.
Minecraft.net did a really eye-opening interview with the creator. You can check it out here
Be sure to read video description as MiningGodBruce made sure to include some really good things to check out, such as this flikr album full of awesome images from the video that you could use as desktop backgrounds.

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Mihro_ BugReports
3 years ago 129 views


will not load for me. I asked a couple of others and it seems to be down for them too.
At the moment, it just shows a blank white page and the tab title is not set (just shows the URL).

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Jseek [V] 3 years ago

thanks for letting me know! there was an exception being hit with new code and just fixed it cheers

Mihro_ BugReports
3 years ago 104 views

In messages, when you click X on someone, the chat disappears as expected but a warning pops up saying 'Discussion Not Found'.
Then any other time when you want to message that person again, you are no longer able to start a new chat with them. The warning just appears again.
Even going to their profile and clicking the message button there does not work.

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Mihro_ 3 years ago

Update: It sounds like it affects both participants.


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