WillGoOn Politics
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@akacharleswade dropped 4.2m gab posts on twitter

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keithaBrownell [mod] 3 years ago


WillGoOn 3 years ago

Gab posts were dropped on twitter by the account named above in order to disparage Gab.ai, but I think it will just build the site. With the suspension of Sargon of Akkad, twitter will continue becoming irrelevant.

caltrop 3 years ago

what gab needs is someone like james woods or donald trump to start using it

Sepley 3 years ago

My gab posts are still going to twitter as well at lest for now!

WillGoOn 3 years ago

I got banned twice then just deleted my account...

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WillGoOn Politics
3 years ago 271 views

Maybe this guy can fix that pay gap the feminist are complaining about....

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WillGoOn Politics
3 years ago 457 views

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pkokga 3 years ago

these guys love to hear trhemselves talk & stroke each other... but they don't know jack shit about Putin... quit at the 10' mark in disgust. 😡


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