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[I wrote this from my heart so English grammar rules didn't apply Sorry.]
Spring time... it only happens once a year.
The weather changes and the flowers bloom, but that isn’t the only thing that does.
Spring is a time for change. People clean their houses, buy brighter color clothing, and start new journeys.
Spring is a time for students to change as well. They make new friends, and do things that they never will regret.
In the spring one student meet a girl who he went to school with.
They introduce themselves and talked about having lunch on day.
The next week the girl said she wanted to date him and so she did.
They went to festivals, ate weird foods and walked to school together.
They would climb trees to their highest branches and stare at the sunset.
They were in love they were in springs love.
Time went by and spring faded into winter, but their relationship was stronger than Mother N...

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NotoriousAndGlorious 4 years ago

this is very nice thank you for sharing

Xkhaotix [mod] Anime
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If you enjoyed last weeks chapter you definitely had to read this weeks! Check out my review of it!

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Xkhaotix [mod] Anime
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[Spolier Warning!]
New Review of Chapter 497 of Fairy Tail/plus updates reguarding Videos!

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