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wrecking the green machine

once this was a land so fair
entrusted to our care
now those that trust submit
that we have broken it

we are knee deep in waste
but just increase our haste
we won't leave our beds
until it's above our heads

a cess-pool of disease
pollution of the seas
destroy the forestry
provide the news for you and me/us to read

with violence and force
plunder all the earth's resource
and we think we are so wise
destroying the skies

we've all lost control
there's no place left to go
so we're going nowhere, nowhere, nowhere

forget the human race
corrupting this place
and the species genocide
that keeps economies alive

we've used up all the oil
and poisoned the soil
the fallout in the stre...

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TheVersist 3 years ago

1984 how appropriate...
You preach to the choir...
From my secret notebook...
I'm posting Heaven Survives WWIII...
Until people start behaving like they're in Heaven, man will arrogantly speed to his demise...
Unless you wake them up, caltrop...
You aren't alone...
I've been trying, too

Kween 3 years ago

You're not kidding this makes one weep caltrop. Unfortunately this is too well said/read.

caltrop 3 years ago

thanks, i just sent you my email address by message, email me and send you back a link to my band performing it

Kween 3 years ago

I didn't realize that was your band....

caltrop [mod] (((6 gorillion)))
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OvenShovel 3 years ago

Amazing! And to think you can be sent to jail in many Western nations for "inciting racial hatred" for pointing people to facts such as this. Ye shall know the truth...

The First Holocaust covers this numbers origins -

This author of this book was fired from his university job, naturally, for discussing facts. Excellent book -


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