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koolmanjuan 3 years ago

I can't believe that there are people forcing children, to become something that they might not want to be in the near future and to profit shame on them. Disgusting.

hearthwench 3 years ago

I believe it falls under the Munchausen (spelling?) syndrome, another form of horrid child abuse.

twisty58 3 years ago

I will protest this until my last breath!

FZapata 3 years ago

Good point.

hearthwench [lead] Crafts
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I had bought an old unused pattern- McCall's #3699. Sadly, it had you glue the parts on after sewing. I sewed them on. This is for my youngest grandson, who loves Elvis. I want him to be able to play with it if he wants to. Our dog was growling at it once I got the feet on. laughing...

He would hear Elvis crowing in the background when my daughter had us on speaker-phone, and it made him laugh. When they visit, he loves to watch the rooster. He was never allowed into their yard, of course. Elvis is large and not friendly. Below is Elvis, for real. I did not add his spurs. He got pissy with my husband when we were breaking a broody hen and tried to attack because we lifted his girl out of the nest, we touched one of his girls. He got a good gash with one of his spurs on my husband. A boot to the butt stopped that. He tried again when a 2nd girl went broody, with the same attitude adjustment. We did not plan on having a rooster, but here he is. He is very good...

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keithaBrownell 3 years ago

Good Job.

hearthwench Politics US Politics
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This is a nicely shortened version of the parasitical class' plan, their nwo manifesto.

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