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victorymarch 3 years ago

Please share. The more people know about this the safer she will be. Thanks

Violetfire [mod] 3 years ago

This poor thing. She really looks scared. I'm praying for her safety

TONYAPARNELL 3 years ago


cedarnsage 3 years ago

Getting the word out -- indeed, the more we tell everyone, the safer she will be. She is in my prayers as well!!

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SunshineKid 3 years ago

The note hits the nail on the head. I'd be more forceful, demanding the teacher's job.

Violetfire [mod] 3 years ago

Are these Teacher Unions giving Teacher talking points like the Media is getting from Media Matters? Is Media Matters pushing these talking points out to the schools? I think there is a link there.

Realitypro 3 years ago

This is not education this is indoctrination.

Aphoticamy 3 years ago

I was similarly enraged at first when I found out my son's middle school teacher has them watch CNN. After some thought I had a talk with Jake about using logic and questioning the "news". Better to learn it sooner rather than later.

northplaza 3 years ago

Then you aren't getting how programming works.

Aphoticamy 3 years ago

Nope, I think I understand it fine. My kid is older and it wasn't as blatant as this crap, I would have gone up to the school with this garbage in hand. My point is that I used the CNN in Social Studies class bullshit as an opportunity to teach my son to question the news. Both of my teenagers already were questioning the "Trump supporters are racist" nonsense because they know plenty who aren't-we live in a deep red state & they came to me with the lies they saw in the media about Bernie Sanders when I was working so hard for his campaign.

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Violetfire [mod] 3 years ago

Do you really think anyone can censor Alex Jones? He'll get in an airplane with a bullhorn and scream down at America "You're being lied to".

jetdrvr Make America Great Again
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MickeyDee 3 years ago

According to the looney left they are all Nazis.

jetdrvr 3 years ago

FUCK THE LOONY LEFT! Bitches have never heard a shot fired in anger or lost a friend, but if they continue with their subversive shit, they will bleed profusely! Pig food!

jetdrvr * 3 years ago

This re-breaks my heart every time I watch it. This is real.This is true. We are needed. Please don't turn away.

rektspec * 3 years ago

Word soldier originally derived from phrase Soul Dier

jetdrvr 3 years ago

The body dies; the warrior's soul lives on!

KevinWright * 3 years ago

Man this brought tears down my face
If every Patriot in America were to pick just one of the Veterans Organizations that scrolled across the screen at the end of the video how many lost veterans could be rescued from the internal hell they have been wrongly exposed to.

I will be contacting HELPING HOMETOWN HEROES WWW/HELPINGHOMETOWNHEROES.ORG/(301)351-4484 to make a cash donation and offer my assistance. I encourage everyone to stand up for these men & women,they risked there life's for our freedom, can we not give them the freedom they fought so hard to protect. Thank You Veterans!

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