keithaBrownell [mod] Politics
3 years ago 109 views

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northman 3 years ago

hopefully he got lost while going to the bathroom.

Click57 3 years ago

He is beginning to look more and more like Ball Sac Eyes Sorros...This my friends is the epitome of "An Old Angry White Male"......

twisty58 3 years ago

He should be ashamed of himself!

keithaBrownell [mod] Politics
3 years ago 87 views

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northman 3 years ago

scary thing there is 1000s of miles with no one to watch it.

rektspec 3 years ago

Agreed, its going to be the landing country for the million strong jihadi army to start Normandy style attack on US.

keithaBrownell [mod] Politics US Politics
3 years ago 152 views

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LibertyLioness 3 years ago

Yep! Can't wait.

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Kween * 3 years ago

Well, thing is... they are so accustomed to this sort of behavior they don't know how to behave. Goes to show that the political breed have two faces - 1 they show the public and the other one - maybe 2 even. Yet, these are the people we hold in high regard. ALL POLITICAL PARTIES. Nice to see it being drained. We are none perfect--this I know, however I think that people who are usually considered underclass, disrespectful and are harshly judged by people of this ilk - MUST feel some vindication.


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