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One of the brilliant actors, Jon Foster, is known for films like Stay Alive, The Informers, and Pandorum. He made a promising career in the film industry and made a significant impact in the entertainment world. Like Father is his recent comedy film where he portrayed the character of Owen in 2018. Jon Foster net worth seems to be grand that he gathered from his acting journey. He has also worked and appeared in some publications. Jon Foster luck turned after he was of the main cast members of Danny. But he appeared in just two episodes of it.

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Summer Mann is mostly known as the wife of famous American filmmaker Michael Mann. Michael has made a name for himself in the movie industry as one of the best directors, screenwriters, and producers. He has made films like Public Enemies, The Last of the Mohicans, and Manhunter, among many others. Michael Mann wife Summer Mann, has successfully kept most of her personal life hidden from the world. The talented artist is not active on any social media and is only seen accompanying her husband in a few movie premiers. On the other hand, Summer's husband is active on Instagram and has shared pictures from various movie sets.

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DeplorableRick 3 years ago

That movie was awesome! Not a single word for like the first 10 minutes and DDL conveyed more emotion in that 10 minutes than most actors can in 2 hours of dialog.

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tsubibo 3 years ago

i hope either rouge one or dr. strange gets it.

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