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trickyjet6843 3 years ago

I've wondered this multiple times too.

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I just bought overwatch y'all! :) Friend me at ItzWulf! Future videos and things coming too :D See ya

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With season 2 ending and season 3 starting after a small downtime, there will be some slight changes to rankings. Blizzard have come forward and said that in season 2 they got the ranking system wrong and it has put to many people in the gold-platinum ranks.

With this ranking area being flooded with people its hard to get a group with people of your skill level to play with. In season 3 things will be different blizzard have said that the ranking will be more spread out meaning alot of people will go down in rank compared to there current rank.

heres a question to you vatable heroes.
how does going down in rank make you feel? and what do you think of the spread of the playing group?

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LWK_XVI 3 years ago

think this makes sense overall, it seems like it was too easy to make it into higher ranking tiers in season 2 and that the winability can be a bit random at times

derek_32 3 years ago

i dont mind going down a bit in rank if it means the ratings are more accurate

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