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My latest poem:

You see them all over the country.
They fly old glory in their yard.
Some of them were taught this way.
While others have battle scars.
They love America unconditionally.
They bleed red white and blue.
They took a stand to defend our land.
I stand with them, I'm a patriot too.
Some of them display a battle flag.
Not as racists but as defiants.
Some even wave a Gadsden banner.
Our common bond is an end to tyrants.
Though not typically violent by nature,
We will not be bullied around.
We know our second amendment
And so we'll stand our ground.
We don't need to find a "safe space"
We're the ones who just provide it.
We wear our patriotism on our sleeves.
We love America and we don't hide it.
When things don't go our way,
Like anyone else we get quite mad.

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DeplorableRick 3 years ago

Wow, now that is some cowboy patriotic poetry that even Ronald Reagan would've loved!

Patriot1972 3 years ago

TY!! It all started when I saw posts of the goofballs dressed in their vagina costumes, it irritated me enough to write this LOL. I write a lot of songs/poems dealing mostly with politics, military, MERICA, and good ole country stuff with a side of faith thrown in.

DeplorableRick * 3 years ago

Keep them coming! I'd love to continue reading them. Im sure there is a poetry community and if not, you could always start one. Not that you have to stop posting them in this awesome community!

Patriot1972 3 years ago

There IS one. I posted one there. Will most likely start one myself as well.

keithaBrownell 3 years ago

Good point about the rebel flag.

caltrop 3 years ago

excellent! this is fabulous

Patriot1972 3 years ago

Thank you kindly

TheVersist 3 years ago

you just said it all...

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caltrop Poetry World Free verse
3 years ago 1,480 views

The Smile

I think I met you, long ago,
The world was very different then,
And though two thousand years have passed,
I think I still remember, when,
In the market, I saw your smile,
And whispered my brother, "Hey!, Over there."
He saw quickly, whom I had discovered,
And he agreed, that you were fair.
I came over and bought from you,
An apple, with my last penny,
You gave me another and another,
Free, until there were not any.
We laughed and talked a goodly while,
And strolled together, when you were done,
Again and again I saw your smile,
We held hands watching the setting Sun.
Time passed fast. Soon betrothed,
And sooner still we two were wed,
I still remember the special smile,
That you gave me in our marriage bed.
Do you recall the silver bracelet,
That I made for you in that first year?<...

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TheVersist 3 years ago

Amazing and truly inspiring...outstanding on every level!

yrmy [lead] Poetry World Links
3 years ago 1,392 views

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caltrop 3 years ago

i just see a blank box...bug?

TheVersist 3 years ago

Clicking on the white box takes you elsewhere, where you can read the poem...it's a nice ode about poetry & continuing to write.

Patriot1972 Poetry World
3 years ago 1,305 views

Country to the core

I like my eggs brown and my coffee black
An occasional chew from a mail pouch sack
Grits and gravy with some bacon on the side
You call me Hillbilly but I take it with pride
I own a few guns and I'm a decent shot
If I'm hunting or fishing I give it all I got
I love America and I ain't afraid to say it
I got a battle flag and I'll proudly display it
Patriots arose in the revolutionary war
Many folks like me ready to do it once more
Freemen will never accept tyranny
Our only hope is to fight or flee
We'd rather go out fighting
Than live on our knees
I've never been rich but far from poor
I am what I am, country to the core
I like chrome smokestacks
Races at old dirt tracks
Hearing songs that give me chills
The crying of the whippoorwills
The smell of wood burning late in the fall<...

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yrmy [lead] 3 years ago

Reading reminded me of a lot, including one house that sat at the foot of "Whipporwill Hill." I always thought that was a pleasing-sounding name.

caltrop 3 years ago

i'm in awe of a self-descriptive poem. good work!

Patriot1972 3 years ago

Ty very much. I find it much easier to write about actual beliefs and truths.

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