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We are looking for personalities and active users to help populate our feed with consistent content throughout the day to better inform and entertain our audience. Reply below with a brief intro and any information as to why you should be chosen. Users can up or down vote the replies in accordance with their approval of that person as a mod.

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Brooksy 3 years ago

Not sure but I'm a posting, and YouTube freak??

Linguistic_killshot 3 years ago

And become a cunt like you? Not thanks [larf]

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Inspired by the 2016 race for the presidency of the United States of America, however international affairs are welcome as well.
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1 No calls for violence or assassination (screenshot and report to FBI and mods/admins)
2 We do not police the language of our users. You can say whatever you like here as long as it violates no other rules.
3 All posts must be politically themed (from any country) and can include text, images/memes, news articles, podcasts, and videos. NO LINKS TO SOFTWARE!
4 Politics is a free speech zone, no safe spaces.
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